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Welcome to the magical world of Visp Bathrooms where guaranteed inspiration, exquisite style and affordable class can be found just on the homepage. So why not explore more and see what the rest of the site has to offer. But first I guess you’d like to hear a little bit more of our story ? Yes, then please read on. If not then don’t let me get in the way – may I suggest the bathrooms category page as a good starting point and there’s always our friendly and reliable search engine just above.

We like to pay attention to the detail because we believe that’s what makes a good bathroom great. Bathrooms have come a long way over the years. Just a decade ago bathrooms were perceived as the sideshow to the rest of the house – a room in which you performed your daily ritual at the beginning and end of every day.

That’s not the case now ? is it. A refurbished bathroom will often yield 50% ROI and add considerable resale value to your property. They have become the cornerstone and showpiece of the home (along with the kitchen ;-)) not to mention a worthwhile investment. A home from home.

Visp bathroms were there from the beginning. Transforming dingy, condensation ridden and damp bathroom ceilings (amongst other things) into places our fans and customers love to spend time. We’ve been through all the products and learnt the hard way what works and what definitely doesn’t work.


From marbled wet rooms and steam rooms to cloak rooms and en-suites, big projects and small ones. We don’t just sell them we use and install them in our everyday work. In fact the majority of the photos you see throughout the website are not studio showroom pieces but actual bathrooms of real Visp bathroom customers such as the one above.

Visp bathrooms is an ‘extension’ or perhaps ‘ethos’ is a better word to describe our online store. We share our wisdom and knowledge wherever we can. For example on the majority of our products in the “More info” tab we have a specially entitled “Visp recommendation” section that explains in further detail the nature of the product and specifically how it can help you. We continually look to offer you an online bathroom experience that stands out from the crowd and helps making that important decision that much more easier.

Fan Mail

Fantastic store and fantastic service, thank you VISP for a seamless delivery. I would definitely recommend.

Vivian Stephenson

I bought the Vessini Shower kit from Visp bathrooms recommended range and I can no doubt see the quality in the build not to mention a 15 years guarantee! Not my usual purchase but glad I made it in the end. thanks Visp

Adam Knight

Ultimately we find joy in doing what we love and we really do love what we do.